• Michael J Glynn,

    President & Chief Executive Officer

    Michael Glynn is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Magcor Consortium Group of Companies. As the CEO, Mr. Glynn is responsible for the development and implementation of the company’s long-term strategy and effective prioritization of resource allocation to realize long-term value and achieving sustainable competitive advantage for clients and their stakeholders. Mr. Glynn is a project development expert by training, international business development by profession, and an entrepreneur by temperament. Mr. Glynn have over 40 years of experience in International Development Project Finance, with a vision for Magcor CGC to contribute to advancing rapid and sustainable development of developing countries by working in partnership with National Governments and the private sector to provide, secure and authentic real and sustainable sources of development finance. Mr. Glynn’s objective is leverage his extensive international development experience to bring development to primary sectors in order to drive the economies of the emerging countries’ and bring about real change and social economic development by implementing projects such as toll roads, mining, agriculture, housing, bridges, stadiums and other infrastructure, while focusing on technological transfer through building and education. Through his bold and innovative leadership. Mr. Glynn has led Magcor CGC to collaborate with many governments in sub-Sahara African countries to finance the development of large public infrastructure investment that transformed many lives in developing countries.

  • Angus Cameron

    Vice President Business Development – Special Adviser to CEO

    My name is Angus (Gus) Cameron, I have known and worked with Michael Glynn for some years including living and working in Zambia & Namibia. My background is in Oil & Gas Metals Technology, and before I joined Magcor I was Business Development Director for Europe for a US Fortune 500 Company out of Pittsburgh USA. Since I have been with Magcor, I have brought with me my skill set of co-ordinating large-scale projects on varying applications, which has interlinked with Magcor’s multi-billion US$ portfolio of projects throughout Africa. I am straight forward and have an eye on detail, and believe if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Effective business relations and success are built on honesty and transparency, and to that end both parties require the security of an equal platform based on the principal of non-disclosure and non-competition.

  • Dr. Ahmed Tufeiru

    Chief Financial Officer

    Dr. Ahmed Tufeiru is the Chief Financial Officer of Magcor Consortium Group of Companies. As the CFO, Dr. Tufeiru is responsible for the strategic financial and investment management of the Magcor CGC to ensure effective and sound deployment of the company’s financial resources for optimal economic benefit to our clients and their shareholders. Dr. Tufeiru is an Investment Banker with a multi multidisciplinary leadership and scholarly background in finance, business strategy, organizational change and leadership, and public sector management and governance. Prior to becoming CFO of Magcor CGC, Dr. Tufeiru spent 21 years on Wall Street as an Investment Banker for institutional asset management. Dr. Tufeiru worked for large Wall Street companies comprises of Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Barclays Capital, and Prudential Financial. Dr. Tufeiru has an extensive experience in business development and strategy, asset valuation, corporate reorganization, and organizational change management that fosters agility, growth, workflow optimization, optimal productivity. During his last leadership position with a US$306 billion asset under management Wall Street firm, Dr. Tufeiru revamped departmental workflow and structure through a process redesign and optimization that resulted in creating a streamlined and controlled workflow environment, eliminated redundancies, and improved overall operational efficiency by 40%. In 2012, Dr. Tufeiru led a high profile due diligence evaluations with existing and prospective multi-billion dollar clients to propose solutions that reinforced organizational workflow and efficiencies; including internal control processes and regulatory compliance that was instrumental in winning businesses from more than 28 institutional clients with combined assets of $20 billion. Dr. Tufeiru serves as a member of the Board Directors of KASI Microfinance—a Tamale-based medium scale microfinance organization where he advices KASI executive on asset management, corporate governance, and organizational strategy and leadership. Dr. Tufeiru is also a Member of the Board of Governance of the Centre for Media and Peace Initiatives—a New York-based independent, non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of conflict-resolution in Africa, and for fostering best business practices and good governance that advances the socioeconomic development of the African continent. Dr. Tufeiru is a member of the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD, United States), and the American Society for Public Administration (ASPA, United States). Dr. Tufeiru published numerous peer review journals on socioeconomic development for poverty alleviation; including the nexus of female capital on north-south labour migration, and how to leverage microfinance as a remedial tool to address the kayayoo syndrome in Ghana. Educated in Ghana and the United States, Dr. Tufeiru holds a PhD in Public Policy and Administration from Walden University USA, an MBA in Finance and Business Strategy from Rutgers University USA, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and Banking from the University of Ghana.